Health Department Jobs 2023 Online Apply | Lady Health Worker Jobs


Health Department Jobs 2023 Online Apply | Lady Health Worker Jobs

Health Department Jobs 2023 Online  Apply | Lady Health Worker Jobs

Health Department Jobs 2023 Online Apply Lady Health Worker Jobs,the Health Department is offering exciting job opportunities for individuals seeking to contribute to public health initiatives. One of the significant roles available is that of Lady Health Workers (LHWs), who play a crucial part in improving healthcare access and services in various communities. This article explores the details of Health Department jobs for 2023, specifically focusing on Lady Health Worker positions.

  Important Points  

Post Name



Only Females


Health Department 


Matric, Intermediate

Age Limit 

18 -  30 years

Apply Procedure



Sindh Only



Last Date

8 August 2023 

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 Health Department Jobs 2023:

Health Department jobs in 2023, particularly the role of Lady Health Workers, offer an excellent chance to contribute to the well-being of communities. By providing essential healthcare services and improving access to medical resources, Lady Health Workers play a vital role in transforming public health.

The Health Department aims to recruit qualified and dedicated individuals to fill various positions across different health programs. These jobs encompass a wide range of responsibilities, including administrative roles, medical positions, and community health workers.

The Role of Lady Health Workers (LHWs) in Public Health:

Lady Health Workers are vital components of the public health system. They are often the first point of contact for healthcare in rural and underserved areas. LHWs provide essential healthcare services, including maternal and child health support, health education, and disease prevention.

Eligibility Criteria for Health Department Jobs:

To be eligible for Health Department jobs, candidates must meet specific criteria, including educational qualifications, relevant experience, and age limits. Each position may have different requirements, and applicants must carefully review and fulfill them.

The Application Process Explained Step by Step:

To apply online, candidates need to visit the official Health Department website and navigate to the job openings section. They must create an account, fill out personal and educational details, and upload necessary documents.

Tips for a Successful Application:

Crafting a well-structured application is crucial for standing out among other candidates. Tailoring resumes and cover letters to highlight relevant experience and skills can significantly improve the chances of securing an interview.

Training and Development for Lady Health Workers:

Upon selection, Lady Health Workers undergo rigorous training to enhance their knowledge and skills. This training equips them with the necessary tools to provide effective healthcare services to the community.


Q1: What qualifications are required to become a Lady Health Worker?

A: To become a Lady Health Worker, candidates need to have at least a high school diploma and undergo specific training programs.

Q2: Are Health Department jobs available in urban areas as well?

A: Yes, the Health Department offers job opportunities in both urban and rural areas to cater to diverse healthcare needs.

Q3: Can I apply for multiple positions within the Health Department?

A: Yes, eligible candidates can apply for multiple positions based on their qualifications and interests.

Q4: What impact do Lady Health Workers have on maternal health?

A: Lady Health Workers have significantly improved maternal health outcomes by providing prenatal and postnatal care to expectant mothers.

Q5: Is there a probation period for newly hired employees in the Health Department?

A: Yes, newly hired employees usually undergo a probationary period to assess their performance and suitability for the role.

 Available Job Positions in 2023:

  1. Lady Health Workers (BPS-05)

  2. Post 2792 All District of Sindh

 How To Apply:

  1. Read the Complete Criteria on the Advertisement & also With the Application Form.

  2. All students can visit this website Or Click Here for online submission of applications.

  3. Online applications shall be filled by 08 August 2023.

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Health Department Jobs 2023 Online  Apply | Lady Health Worker Jobs

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